Welcome to the Scout (command-line) wiki!

Scout is a Swift library and a command-line tool to read and modify values in data formats. This wiki deals with the command-line version. To read the documentation of the Swift package, please refer to this page. If you are running Xcode 13 or higher, the documentation is also available in Xcode.

The current supported formats are:

The current version is 4.0.3.

Install Scout

To know how to install the scout command-line tool, please refer to this page.


The Playground folder offers a way to learn the Scout command-line interface commands with a set of files. The commands can be found on the Examples page and in the playground folder. All files have the same structure but hold a different type of data. The commands work regardless of the data type.


To navigate through the data, Scout uses paths. A path is a serie of key names, indexes or special elements. They allow to target single values (e.g. a string), group values (e.g. an array) or group samples (e.g. array slices, filtered dictionaries).
You can learn more about paths on this page.

Main features

Scout allows to read and modify the data by offering several features. Each feature has a dedicated wiki page.