Hi! 👋 I'm Alexis

I have been developping on Apple platforms for 5 years, mostly on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

My last and current experience is working at Amaris, where I have been developping the macOS application Octory since April, 2019 as a Lead developer and Product owner.

As I have been developing the application from scratch, as well as the dedicated website (with Vapor) and the wiki, this is a unique opportunity to handle a large project.

While I was developing Octory, I realized how scarce the resources were to develop a macOS app compared to the overall help, blogs, and tutorials you can find to develop iOS apps. Also, as I have been working with many Mac admins from all horizons, I learnt that they were always keen to get new tools to improve their work and their end-users experience. This is what I love to do: building tools that simplifies workflows and jobs, and improve the user experience, like Octory does, but also Scout, one of my open-source libraries.

Sometimes though, a tool is not the best solution, and a smarter move is to share knowledge. This is the purpose of this blog. When I will learn something worth sharing, I will put it here. Meanwhile, as I am developing softwares and open-source projects, some sections will serve a more technical purpose. Like web interfaces and APIs to use the open-source libraries I am working on.

I hope you will find this blog useful and enjoy reading its content!
Peace ✌️

Oh and I am a regular Splatoon 2 player ^^

About this blog

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