Latest: 4.1.0

Scout aims to provide a unified way to parse and edit JSON, Plist, YAML and XML data.
It was designed as a Swift library and a command-line tool.

You can download the latest notarized command-line tool as a pkg or zip, and as tar for Linux distributions (requires Swift to be installed on your Linux distribution).

Also, a Playground folder is available in the repository to see useful examples with the same "People" file in the four supported formats.


Scout offers two wikis. One for the Swift package and one for the command-line tool. The wiki for the Swift package is built using docC and is available in the Github pages of the repository.

Swift wiki

Command-line wiki

What's new

See what's new in Scout 4.0.0 (Command-line)
See what's new in Scout 4.0.0 (Swift)

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