Moving to More Docs


19 June 2024

I recently started a new project named More Docs. Its goal is to offer additional documentation for frameworks on Apple platforms. It is open source and anybody can make suggestion or write new posts on it.

Why did I start a new blog?

Quite often, I am contacted to correct a mistake in a post or to explain a specific point. Frequently people are willing to contribute and ask if there’s a way to open a pull request. Since I still enjoy writing documentation that I would like to have for some Apple frameworks, I decided to start the More Docs website as a collaborative project for developers by developers to help each other.

The idea is that if you struggled making something work because the documentation was not that much helping and you had to look deep down in forums, mailing lists or whatever to achieve your goal, it is possible that someone else will struggle too. I think it’s too bad as humans to spend time doing what another human already did, simply because there’s no trace of it. So if you discovered a way to do something regarding programming on Apple platforms, I encourage to take the time to write how you did it. And I would gladly help you putting that on the More Docs website.

What will happen to Woody’s Findings?

I will still post on this blog, but I’ll reserve it for new ideas I have and explorations of the Swift langage like AsyncQueue. Tutorials and How-Tos will be moved to More Docs.